Monday, May 14, 2007

The weekend

Had a great weekend. Went to see Clifford the Big Red Dog at the Everett Events Center with Marsha and the boys. They had a blast, but the show was the worst of the ones we’ve seen (Wiggles, Elmo, bob the Builder, etc…). The place was pretty empty. I didn’t think Clifford was very popular still and was surprised to hear the show was coming to town, but it was fun nonetheless.


Logan and I cleaned up the garage after Church on Sunday. We gave Marsha her flowers and mom’s day cards/gifts then headed to the mess to clean it up. Before we started you couldn’t even get from one side to the other or see my workbench. At least now you can. It is spic and span.


The messages t Church was a good one. It was all about how every mom holds a little of God’s messages inside her. How she does her best to raise her children in God’s image but, eventually, must release them to the Lord to allow him to serve the purpose. Very inspiring.