Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Talk about your role reversal...Arnie's the Governor of California and now Gray Davis is taking up Acting...at least for a few days. He's currently filming to be a guest star on the CBS sitcom Yes Dear.

Ok...this is one of those stories that just makes you go...what the He%%? This lady in Sweden dropped her wallet while jogging and it was returned to her with all the cash and everything still in it. What's so add about that you ask? Good deeds happen all the time you say? Wel...this wallet was dropped in 1963 and was just returned to her last week!

The Horse that no one, but everyone, wanted. this is a local story that tugs at your heartstrings. How can something liek this happen?

I've been asked why I haven't commented on the Superbowl yet. Good question. I guess my answer would be that there is nothing I could possibly say that could hold a stick up to the game it was. It was one of the top three Superbowls in my lifetime. Number one would be 1981 when Joe Montana & the Niners beat the Bengals. Number two would be 1999 (or what is 2000?) when the Titans were stopped one yard short by Mike Jones and the Rams. This would be #3 right now...but may move up as I look back over time. If you missed that game on Sunday...I'm sorry. I've got it tape if you want to watch it.

Ever Wanted to explore underwater driving a submarine. Here is a stupidly fun way to pass about 5 minutes.