Thursday, October 28, 2004

Yeager Calls 'em As He Sees 'em

I received this e-mail from a friend of mine today and thought it was worth sharing...

I've got some Emails from liberal friends today, that basically say something like... Since John Kerry's Red Sox have broken the curse and won, it is now in the bag that Kerry will win this Tuesday. Clean sweep for New England!!!
My reply...ehhh... Kerry isn't a Red Sox fan. He isn't even a *baseball* fan... not even a casual observer. When asked, about 6 weeks ago, who his favorite Red Sox player was... an easy-easy question to answer for any sort of fan at all... he came up with the name, after a long pause... Manny Ortez. lol... no such player though.
There is a David Ortiz (pronounced Orteez, not Ortez)... and a Manny Ramirez. And this isn't the only baseball related misstatement he's made. He once called Eddie Yost his favorite Red Sox player of all-time (Yost never played for the Red Sox).
There are other, more minor... baseball related errors. He's not a fan... just a politician that realizes it helps to be seen as a regular guy. You know, a Red Sox loving, duck hunting... billionaire... regular 'ol John (Forbes) Kerry. Why, he could live next door to me!
Reminds me of Jimmy Carter. As you might remember... as President, Carter use to carry a suitcase onto Air Force One. You'd see it all the time... Carter turns from the top of the stairs, right before entering the plane... and waves good-bye with his right hand, a suitcase in his left. Everyone assumed... he's carrying his own luggage onto the plane... just like I often do when traveling by air. The catch... the bag was always empty. It was a prop... just like the Red Sox are for Kerry.
Did you know, if he wins... Kerry will become the third richest President in US history. He'll be behind only JFK and Washington (who had immense property wealth). Not exactly Joe Six-pack, here.
No matter though... I think most people sense Kerry for what he is. I've honestly met no one that actually likes Kerry. His supporters, IMO, can be better described as... Bush haters. Maybe that actually helps Kerry's election chances... maybe it hurts... I don't know. But, the idea that folks see Kerry as the sort of bloke you could have a beer with... nah... that notion has sailed (wind-sailed, right off Nantucket Sound).

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My House

For anyone who wanted to know where I lived, here you go. Special thanks to This is a truely cool site, especially if you live in a metropolitan area.

Love Cats, Hate Allergies

Hate the allergies you have when you get near a cat? Want a feline pet anyway? Here is your chance:
You may soon be able to thank genetic engineering for a cat that won't make you sneeze.
Simon Brodie, president of ALLERCA, said his company is developing a British Short Hair breed of cats that will be nearly free of allergy-causing proteins that plague millions of people. Brodie said his company hopes to perfect its engineering technique by 2007. "The allergen-free cat, will be a significant new alternative to the traditional treatment of cat allergies given that it eliminates the allergen at its source. People who have lived without the companionship of a household pet because of their allergies will now be able to have a pet of their own without the associated risks and costs of allergy treatments," Brodie said.
ALLERCA is now accepting $350 deposits for the biotech cats. They'll sell for $3,500 in the United States and $10,000 Japan.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My Two Boys

Had to post the most recent pictures of my two boys, Ryan & Logan:

Monday, October 25, 2004

Bush Wins Backing in Battleground Rags

(CNN) -- Newspapers in several states that could win or lose the election for either President Bush or Sen. John Kerry endorsed (George Bush) on Sunday, some of them providing surprises.
The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch gave Bush the nod. "A victory for Bush will signal to the world and terrorists that the United States is committed to victory in Iraq and Afghanistan," the paper's editors wrote. "A Kerry victory will send an ambiguous signal that may raise doubts about American staying power."
The Dispatch, which traditionally supports the Republican ticket, said it was "less than enthused" about the choice between Bush and Kerry, but concluded that Bush "would stand a better chance of leading the nation up the difficult road that lies ahead."
On Saturday, the president also received backing from The Cincinnati (Ohio) Post.
Bush and Kerry are virtually tied in polls of likely voters in Ohio, which has 20 electoral votes and is seen as a possible key to any victory in the presidential race. (Showdown state Ohio)
Last week, the Chicago Tribune announced it was backing Bush.
Newspapers in other swing states -- Colorado and Pennsylvania -- also backed Bush this weekend. "On Sept. 11, 2001, this country accepted a great challenge -- to inflict justice on terrorists who would attack us and to take every reasonable step to protect our homeland," editors of The Denver Post wrote. "The task has been pursued with dogged resolution, and we think President Bush is best suited to continue the fight." (Showdown state Colorado)
The Express-Times, of Easton, Pennsylvania, said it endorsed Bush because, "In a new American experience in which our vulnerabilities are on constant display, our nation's security is paramount. Kerry's strategy just doesn't measure up. Now is not the time to back away from the fight. Or the president." (Showdown state Pennsylvania)
In the battleground state of Wisconsin the Oshkosh Northwestern, Oshkosh, Wisconsin., endorsed Bush on Friday: "Bush may have room for improvement, but the sitting president is always an easy target. What he has going for him is four years of a track record of acting as he promised he would. It's rare in a politician. But it's crucial for a president."
Bush also got a thumbs up from The Gazette of Janesville, Wisconsin.

Model Ball-girls Get Champagne Shower

Sexist or just some young women using what the Lord gave them to make ends-meat? You can decide that for for me, I know I wouldn't mind seeing this theme translated into more sports....Model Ball-girls at baseball games, Model tee-girls at football games, Model towel-girls at basketball games...well, you get the idea!

MADRID (Reuters) - A champagne-soaked celebration marked the end of a week of wolf-whistles, government complaints and media controversy for a troupe of models who made their debut as ball-girls at the Madrid Masters tennis tournament.
The women, aged 19 to 28, were drafted in to collect stray balls and hand towels to players, while wearing split skirts and skimpy tops emblazoned with the name of a sponsor.

They replaced volunteer youngsters in all the televised matches and the players, far from being frustrated by occasional slip-ups, were generally in favor -- despite complaints from government and some fans that the move was sexist.
"Tennis is not in a great position right now," said tournament champion Marat Safin, who thanked the models on court when he picked up his trophy before soaking them with champagne.

Thinking about a BLT? Think Again

How about a BLP (Bacon, Lettuce & Pickles)?

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - U.S. restaurants are scrambling to find menu alternatives to dishes requiring tomatoes as severe weather in Florida and California have hampered crops and caused prices to more than double.
Restaurant chains like Wendy's International Inc. and Olive Garden parent Darden Restaurants Inc., which need large quantities of tomatoes to supply their outlets, are among those making changes to combat the shortage.
Wendy's canceled plans to advertise its Chicken Temptations sandwiches, which are each topped with a slice of tomato. The Dublin, Ohio-based chain said the last-minute switch to promote its Kids Meal and Homestyle Chicken Strips would contribute to a profit shortfall this quarter.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Today's Dumb Headlines

Man Wears 'Cocaine' T-Shirt in Court
HONG KONG (AP) - It was not the best legal defense strategy: A Hong Kong man appeared in court on drug charges wearing a T-shirt that said "cocaine" and drew a stern rebuke from the magistrate, a newspaper reported Thursday.
Ho Heng-chau pleaded guilty to possession of three ecstasy pills, but while his lawyer was arguing for a lenient sentence on Wednesday the magistrate noticed the T-shirt, according to the Apple Daily newspaper.
"Do you know you're appearing in court?" Magistrate Ernest Lin was quoted as saying. "What are you doing wearing a 'cocaine' T-shirt? You might as well carry a sign that says 'I'm a drug head.'"

Norwegian Prisoner Hires Exotic Dancer
OSLO, Norway (AP) - Hoping to boost morale among his fellow inmates, a Norwegian prisoner secretly hired an exotic dancer to spice up the prison's monthly culture night. The woman got all her clothes off, to the cheers of the male inmates, before guards could react on Wednesday night at the Hof minimum security prison in southern Norway.
"Everything had been agreed in advance with the inmates, who also had permission to invite the woman," warden Kjesti Solberg told the P4 radio network Thursday. "What we didn't know was that the hired dancer could do more than dance."
"By the end, she was completely naked," Solberg said, adding the woman danced on stage for a few minutes before guards hustled her off to the roar of the inmates' laughter.

Disc jockey faces tax charge after on-air remarks
NEW YORK (AP) The radio personality known as the ``Crazy Cabbie'' is in trouble because of one of his outrageous remarks.
Law enforcement sources told the Associated Press that the ``Crazy Cabbie,'' a frequent guest on Howard Stern's radio show and an overnight disc jockey on WXRK-FM, faces a tax-related charge. Two law enforcement officials say an Internal Revenue Service investigation began after he made on-air comments about avoiding his taxes.

Dog is a Cell-Phone Retreiver
Murdoch the mongrel from the SPCA and his border collie mate Grubby are the heroes of the house in the small settlement of Kaukapakapa northwest of Auckland. Between them the two young dogs probably saved the life of their owner, Auckland nurse Michelle Trainor.
For four hours 14-week-old Grubby stayed with her at the bottom of the bank, keeping her warm and giving her strength as she lay in the rain, semi-conscious, in shock and with a tree branch sticking out of her chest.
After a few hours, possibly three, she heard her cellphone ringing halfway down the bank where it had fallen out as she fell and sent eight-month-old Murdoch after it. "Blow me down, he comes trotting back. He went halfway up the hill and comes trotting back with this phone in his mouth -- tail straight up in the air wagging, -- you know look at me, look at me, with this bloody cellphone in his mouth. I just couldn't believe it.
"I heard him snuffling around. I didn't think he would bring it back." After he spat it out at her feet, Miss Trainor, 33, called her husband, Lee Bird, who had already called police after arriving home to find the door open and his wife's bag on the table.

If You Go On Vacation, Be Sure To Hang The "No Vacancy" Sign

This has to be on eof the MOST bizarre stories I have ever read. the only thing I can think of is this lady is absolutely nuts.

DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- A Georgia family is trying to figure out why a woman moved into their home while they were away on vacation.
Beverly Mitchell, of the Atlanta suburb of Douglasville, said she returned from 2½ weeks in Greece to find that her personal belongings -- including clothes, furniture and dishes -- had been removed. She said most of the carpet had also been taken out and the house had been redecorated.
Mitchell said the woman had the electricity switched over to her name and also moved in a washer and dryer. She brought in her own furniture, clothes and decorations and even repainted rooms in the house.
"Now we have portraits hanging on the wall that we didn't have before," Mitchell said. "And we've got all kinds of new appliances."

Baseball without beer? Say it ain't so!

Because of the riots and general stupidity that surrounded the festivities following Boston;s romp to the World Series, the Mayor of Boston wants to ban liquor sales during the World Series. Yeah, this should go over about as well as prohibition did. Black Market beer, get your Ice Cold black-market beer, here!

BOSTON -- Boston Mayor Thomas Menino plans to meet with local bar owners Friday about the possibility of banning liquor sales near Fenway Park during the World Series.
Menino said he's trying to prevent violence.
Victoria Snelgrove, 21, a student at Emerson College, was killed when police fired a pepper spray-loaded projectile to control a rowdy crowd. Menino said that because nobody is accepting responsibility, he needs to do something.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Quote of the Day

"He reminded me of (Joe) Montana because he could really anticipate," (Jerry) Rice said of Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. "He really gives you a chance to catch the ball and do something with it."
Hasselbeck, always the self-deprecating humorist, laughed off the comparison to a Hall of Famer.
"That's what a fifty-dollar bill will do," Seattle's 29-year-old quarterback said. "I heard Steve Young was in the building, so I was just hoping we didn't sign him too."

Coming Home From Iraq For Wedding Saves Lynnwood Man

Chris Purdy of Lynnwood is a former U.S. Marine who is now a private bodyguard for U.S. Ambassador James Jeffrey in Iraq.
Purdy was having coffee with his father while home on leave when the call came saying that some of his co-workers had died Thursday in the first successful attack inside Baghdad's highly protected "Green Zone."
For Purdy, the loss of friends came with the realization that he would likely have been with them if he hadn't returned home for a wedding.
"Al-Qaida was always something we heard and knew about, but now it's personal," Purdy said.
Iraq's most-feared terror group, led by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, claimed responsibility for the attacks.
"These insurgents are cowards, killing innocent civilians who are shopping or having coffee," he said.
Chris Purdy said he's not a real "politics guy" but knows how he feels about the Nov. 2 presidential election.
"Bush has always been strong in his stance. Just about everyone there supports Bush, and so do I," he said.
His feelings about the way the war is being portrayed is the reason why Purdy decided to go return to Iraq after an honorable discharge in 2003.
"I couldn't stand what people were saying here about what was going on over there. I knew in my heart what was going on. I was there, they didn't know."
Purdy said things have improved since June when he arrived in Baghdad, and after Iraqis were granted sovereignty, a ceremony he attended.
"The American people don't see it, but the country is headed in the right direction," he said, adding that he blames the media for spinning the news that way.
Purdy said his focus and mission are clear as he prepares to return to a place so different than when he left it just a week ago.
"We don't worry about ourselves, just the mission and taking care of each other so we can come home to our families again," Purdy said.

Open Letter Signed By 24 Olympians & Professional Athletes

To our fellow Americans: We have given much thought to the values and characteristics that make a great athlete. Our lives have been spent trying to run farther, push further, and jump higher than the person beside us, or across the field of our chosen sport. With years of training and exhaustive competition beneath our belts, we have identified the values necessary to compete and win--values like personal strength, determination, a sense of fair play and faith.

The same qualities that make a great athlete make a great President--the determination to do what is right, regardless of the latest polls, the personal strength to bear the weight of the nation on your shoulders, and the faith that a higher power will direct the actions of good people.
We see in President Bush these same qualities.

In 2001, our nation was attacked without cause or provocation. The President's values saw us through those dark days after the terrorist attack. The economy was rocked by the dual blows of the terrorists' cowardly action and the reckless disregard of the rules by a few rogue executives. But President Bush's decisive, principled leadership has moved America forward, and today our nation is safer and our economy is strong and getting stronger.

The fight against terrorism takes decisiveness. It takes continued support for our troops and first responders. But most importantly, it takes courage and inspirational leadership in the White House. In these critical times, our President has had the courage to stand up and do what's right.

For that and for his unwavering character, we choose George W. Bush as our President for the next four years. He is a leader we can depend on to make the tough decisions and the right decisions. Please join us in supporting a candidate of courage, President Bush--a leader who backs our troops defending our nation and shares our values.

Emie Banks MLB Hall of Famer
Daniel Beery Olympic Gold Medalist, Rowing
Carlos Beltran MLB All-Star Centerfielder
Craig Biggio MLB All-Star Catcher & Second Baseman
Josh Davis Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming
Adam Dunn MLB All Star Left Fielder
John Elway NFL Hall of Famer
Bob Feller MLB Hall of Fame Pitcher
Natalie Golda Olympic Bronze Medalist, Water Polo
Matt Hasselbeck NFL Quarterback
Bernie Kosar NFL Quarterback, Ret.
Steve Largent NFL Hall of Famer
Karl Malone NBA All-Star & MVP Winner
Anthony Munoz NFL Hall of Famer
Jack Nicklaus PGA Tour Most Major Championship Titles
Mary Lou Retton Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnastics
Dot Richardson Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Softball
Nolan Ryan MLB Hall of Fame Pitcher
Janet Lynn Salomon Olympic Bronze Medalist, Figure Skating
Chris Spielman NFL Linebacker, Ret.
Roger Staubach NFL Hall of Famer
Kerri Strug Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnastics
Lynn Swann NFL Hall of Famer
Todd Walker MLB Second Baseman

If You Find A Jet Engine, Please Call The FAA

Wow, now this would be scary to hear land in your backyard!
Federal Aviation Administration officials believe an engine that sheared off a plane early Thursday may be resting at the bottom of Lake Michigan.
"We've heard reports that it landed in Lake Michigan, but we don't know that for a fact," said Detroit Metropolitan Airport representative Barbara Hogan.
The FAA and police are searching from Lake Michigan to the Battle Creek area for the engine, the station reported. State police have no reports of where the engine fell.

Sox comeback takes Web by storm

Sports fans take over the internet! Well, at least for one night. It seems the national interest created by last nights playoff games caused an amazing 200% surge in web hits for Which leads you to wonder, after two game 7 series leading into the World Series, can the upcoming series be anything but a disappointment? Baseball always seems to have a way of outdoing itself, but can you top what we've allready seen?
Last night's Game 7 victory by the Boston Red Sox over their nemesis, the New York Yankees, coupled with the St. Louis Cardinals' extra-inning win against the Houston Astros to force a Game 7, made records on the Web. Major League Baseball's was the greatest beneficiary, racking up a record number of single-day page views.
On Wednesday, 8 million visitors consumed 90 million Web pages on, up 200 percent from last year's American League Championship Series Game 7, Major League Baseball said.

Protest against Iran blog arrests

Proving again why we live in the greatest country in the World: Freedom of Speech.
The Iranian journalists' union has held a meeting to protest at the arrests of eight webloggers and reformist newspaper journalists in recent months.
A lawyer for three of the arrested men said he had no idea where they were being detained and what they were being charged with.

...not only were reformist newspapers being closed down and journalists arrested, but now those working in the electronic media on internet sites were also being targeted.
Speakers said a new generation of Iranian journalists was in danger.
Most of the webloggers are in their early 20s.

More Stupid Headline/Criminals

Man Survives After Shooting Nail Into His Chest
SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian man building a shed accidentally fired a nail into a major artery near his heart on Wednesday but survived after emergency surgery, medical officials said.The 3-inch nail had lodged in the 35-year-old man's aorta, the body's main artery leading from the heart, said a spokeswoman for John Flynn Hospital on the Gold Coast in the tropical northern state of Queensland.The man, with the nail embedded in his chest, drove about 400 meters (1,312 feet) back to his home and became unconscious while his wife called for help. Few other details were available.The hospital and ambulance service said they had never heard of any similar cases before.

Man Accidentally Shoots Girlfriend Instead Of Mouse
SOMERSET COUNTY, Pa. -- A Somerset County man accidentally shot his girlfriend instead of a mouse. State police said Donald Rug, 43, was trying to kill the rodent with a small-caliber handgun. He said that's when his girlfriend walked into the line of fire and was hit in the arm.he is listed in fair condition at Somerset Hospital. State police said they will not charge Rugg.

Love-making couple spark emergency
LONDON: Police sprang into operation after receiving an emergency '999' phone alert from a woman apparently in some distress – only to discover it had accidentally been made by a couple having sex."It happened while they were having sex. The woman had depressed with her foot the '9' button on the phone which happened to be on the floor," a Durham police spokesman said on Wednesday."It certainly put a smile on the faces on the police side – we were just very relieved it wasn't a violent situation and that the couple were clearly getting on very well together."

Man Gets Knocked Out Stealing Political Signs
A Lakewood Republican stealing campaign signs late one night got nabbed when he ran across a low- hanging driveway chain, fell face first onto a pilfered sign and the concrete and knocked himself unconscious. Randal Wagner, 50, was loaded into an ambulance, treated at Lutheran Medical Center for abrasions and facial cuts and issued a summons.Wagner, who unsuccessfully tried to steal a "Dave Thomas" congressional sign that evening, had signs for other Democratic candidates in his Toyota pickup, Wheat Ridge police reported."I did a very stupid thing," Wagner said Monday, admitting theft of the signs. "I got caught up in the political passions of this highly contested election."

Man burns his car to spite parking attendant
Tehran - An incensed Iranian motorist doused his car in petrol and set it ablaze with a match after picking up a parking ticket, media reported on Wednesday.The ISNA student news agency posted photographs of the charred shell of the car on its website and quoted witnesses describing the driver's frantic but fruitless pleas to the parking attendant not to issue a ticket."Extremely angry, he took a jerrycan of petrol out of the boot and set fire to his car," ISNA quoted a witness in poor south Tehran as saying.Fines have increased heavily since March in an attempt to bring Iran's reckless drivers into line. Road rage is common on the gridlocked streets of Tehran.

If You Are Growing Pot, Don't Call The Police
Seven members of the same family have been arrested after cannabis plants with an estimated value of several thousand pounds were found in a garage.Officers were called to reports of a burglary at a house in Wythenshawe. Three people were arrested nearby.When officers returned they discovered a large quantity of cannabis plants.A man and a woman, both aged 50, a 30-year-old man, and 18-year-old woman, a 17-year-old girl, a 14-year-old boy, and a 12-year-old girl have all been arrested on suspicion of producing and cultivating a controlled drug.

Inmate Pleads To Stay In Jail

Just another sign we need to get tougher on criminals. I mean, when they are asking to stay IN jail, we know there is something wrong.
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Most inmates can't wait to get out of a stir. But not David Byers.He's dying to stay in a Virginia regional jail. He requested an extended sentence so he could finish a cooking course.His fellow inmates think he's nuts. And a jail doctor jokingly asked Byers if he wanted to see a shrink.Byers was allowed to stay past his Oct. 5 release date and was able to graduate with the rest of the inmate cooking class. He said the course was important to him and he's looking forward to putting his new culinary skills to work on the outside.

News Flash: Halloween Offensive to Witches, Gets Cancelled

Oh the joys of living in the liberal Pacific Northwest. After attending college at "Berkeley North" Humboldt State University, you'd think I would be used to this sort of thing. Yet everytime it happens I have to sit back for a second and wonder, "when did America lose its sense of humor and fun." We HAVE to laugh with/at ourselves. At some point someone is going to realize we have taken this too far. Don't we?

PUYALLUP - "Let them have their 30-minutes of dressing goofy and having candy," said Silas Macon on the grounds of Puyallup's Maplewood Elementary School Wednesday afternoon.
He'd just learned the grade school tradition of a party and parade in costume during the last half-hour of class before Halloween night won't happen this year in the Puyallup School District for his two daughters.
The superintendent has cancelled all Halloween activities.
A letter sent home to parents Wednesday states there will be no observance of Halloween in the entire school district.
Hansen says the superintendent made the decision for three primary reasons. First, Halloween parties and parades waste valuable classroom time. In addition some families can't afford costumes.
It's the third reason some Puyallup parents are struggling with.
The district says Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes might be offensive to real witches.

"Witches with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion and so we want to be respectful of that," said Hansen.
The Wiccan, or Pagan, religion is growing in the U.S. and there are Wiccan groups in Puyallup.

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins

Thanks to via for pinting out Kerry & Bush are 9th cousins twice removed. I'm sure somewhere down the line we're all related somewhere.

"I Can't Believe What I Just Saw"

In the words of a famous broadcaster after Kirk Gibson hit a Home Run off Dennis Eckersley in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series to give the Dodgers a 1-0 series lead, "II can't beleive what I just Saw." What it an epic comeback...some would say the greatest of all time? Or was it a disasterous choke job...for a team with a $190 million payroll? That's for you to decide, but one thing I can say is "Holy Cow"!

NEW YORK -- Someday, we may appreciate what just happened over the past four days. Right now, however, "I'm finding myself just wondering what day of the week this is,'' Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said.
Whatever day this is, it's probably not going to be very pleasant for Cashman. It won't be easy explaining to George Steinbrenner how the Yankees just became the first team in baseball history to blow a 3-0 lead in a postseason series -- and worse, to blow it to the Red Sox. Heck, it's difficult enough explaining it without having a maniacal owner yelling in your face and threatening that you'll never work in this business again.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Pick Your Candidate By Their Toys

Interesting Idea:

...maybe it's time we all realized that -- despite all the back-and-forth jabbering -- what really divides President Bush and Senator Kerry is not their differences as statesmen. It's their differences as sportsmen.
Kerry has been photographed skiing, snowboarding, riding a bike, sailing, shooting skeet, playing ice hockey, heading a soccer ball, and, most famously, windsurfing around Nantucket Sound.
For his part, Bush has been shot running, biking, golfing, fly fishing, and bird hunting. He's not one for winter sports (there's not much snow in Texas). But he does get out on the family cigarette boat in Kennebunkport -- no doubt annoying windsurfers knocked off their boards by his wake.

Kerry talks up his hockey days at St. Paul's. Republicans say he hogged the puck.
Bush led the pep squad back at Andover. Democrats pound him for those pom-poms.
When Bush remembers running the Texas Rangers baseball team, his opponents point out that they lost more than they won. If Kerry mentions that he was a varsity soccer player at Yale, his foes note that the French are good at that game, too.

Kerry, for example, rides a Serotta bicycle. These virtually hand-made beauties are among the best road bikes made, and priced accordingly. Kerry's model runs for about $8,000.
Bush rides, too. But while his rival is road-racer, the president prefers mountain biking, further proof that these two can't agree on anything. The president's Trek 90 costs about $1,500.

Kerry got into a bit of a flap by saying he likes to crawl on his belly hunting deer, which is a tough way to bag a buck. He compounded it by saying his favorite gun is a Chinese assault rifle (picked it up in 'Nam, you know), which may or may not be illegal to own.
The president is the proud owner of a Weatherby Athena, worth about $2,000. But when it comes to hunting, Bush is no Teddy Roosevelt. Mostly he shoots birds.

Katelyn Faber Names Herself in Refiled Papers even playing field!

Katelyn Faber refiled her sexual assault lawsuit against Kobe Bryant in federal court Thursday, using her real name.
The lawsuit is virtually identical in every other respect to the one she filed Aug. 10 as "Jane Doe."

Lawyers for the 21-year-old Eagle woman had asked Colorado U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch to let her remain anonymous. They said she had received death threats after her highly publicized claim that she was sexually assaulted by the Los Angeles Lakers basketball star.
But Matsch, after Bryant's attorneys and the Rocky Mountain News objected separately, ruled that Faber's lawsuit would be retitled on Oct. 20 to insert her name. The judge said that public confidence depends on courts being as open as possible and that the two parties in the suit have to proceed on an equal footing.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Take on the Issues at Hand

For some reason I thought I wanted to post my views on this site. Not to try and sway anyone in the election, but merely to put it out there for anyone interested. Anyone wishing to have a detailed conversation about any of them can feel free to e-mail me. I lean to the conservative/Republican side, but I definately have some values that favor the Democrats.

What I'm For:
Lower taxes
Second-to-none Military forces
Gays in the Military (anyone should be allowed to serve their country, regardless of race or sexual orientation)
National Missile Defense
Increased military spending
Opening Refuge for gas & Oil exploration/drilling
Introduce private sector competition to reduce drug costs
Adding drug benefits to Medicare
Limits on patients lawsuits against HMOs
The Patriot Act
Enforce Immigration Laws
U.N. Involvement in Iraqi reconstruction
Death Penalty
Ending Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit Liability (If guns kill people that means I can blame my pencil for misspelling words)
Same sex marriage
Same Sex adoption

What I'm Against:
Big Government
Raising taxes in any way for anything that does not openly cite a way to pay them back
Abortion except in the case of rape/incest or life threatening illness
New Stem Cell research that leads to cloning
Affirmative Action
Hate Crime Legislation (all crimes are equal – they all have one motive or another, why single out hate crimes as any worse?)
Nationalized/Government Health Care

Athletes & Drugs

Here's an update to this story I had previously posted. Again, just an example how this stuff attracts & controls your life. If you know anyone in this type of situation, get them help.

Preliminary results of the autopsy performed on Ken Caminiti show that the former National League MVP died of a drug overdose, a New York City police source told ESPN's Jeremy Schaap.

Just in case anyone out there needed another reminder why drugs of any kind (alcohol, drugs, steroids) don't mix in the sports world, take a second to read about Ken Caminiti. He was one of the "stars of the 90's" in baseball. This should be lumped right along side Lyle Alzado as a reminder of why you shouldn't do these things to your body.

On the field, Ken Caminiti's all-out style served him well. Off the field is where it got him in trouble. The 1996 National League MVP, who later admitted using steroids during his major league career, died Sunday. He was 41.
Caminiti died of a heart attack in the Bronx, said his agent-lawyer Rick Licht. The city medical examiner's office said an autopsy would be performed Monday, spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said.
Just last Tuesday, Caminiti admitted in a Houston court that he violated his probation by testing positive for cocaine last month.
He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but State District Judge William Harmon gave him credit for the 189 days he already had served in jail and a treatment facility since he was sentenced to three years' probation for a cocaine arrest in March 2001.

"This is the largest mistake I've made in my life," Caminiti said when he pleaded guilty in March 2002. "I had a real good thing going for me, and I got sidetracked. It doesn't have to be that way. It doesn't have to be drugs. It doesn't have to be alcohol. That part of my life is over."

George Clooney Pulls Embarrassing Prank On Brad Pitt

This was too funny NOT to include here:
NEW YORK -- Brad Pitt might think twice about punking George Clooney again.
Pitt had the nerve to pull a prank on Clooney while they were filming "Ocean's Twelve" -- even though Clooney's the king of the pranksters. Matt Damon told Cosmo that Clooney got Pitt back by slapping a bumper sticker on his car that read "Small Penis Onboard."
Damon said Pitt drove through rush hour in Los Angeles without knowing why people were looking at him and waving.

Carrying the "Zero Tolerance" policy too far

Is this ridiculous or what?
Third grader suspended for taking butter knife in lunch
A King William County woman is questioning the county school district's zero-tolerance policy on weapons. Joyce Heath says her eight-year-old son returned to school yesterday after being suspended for seven days, because he carried a butter knife to school with his lunch.
The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Nicholas, a third-grader, had been suspended for ten days and faced the possibility of being placed in disciplinary classes for a year. But Heath met with School Superintendent Brenda Cowlbeck on Tuesday, and the suspension was lifted.
Cowlbeck said she could not comment on the matter because of privacy laws. But she said Tuesday's meeting was her first chance to discuss the matter with the boy's mother.
Heath said she packed a butter knife in her son's lunch along with a package of peanut butter and jelly on October first. She says Nicholas did not do anything threatening with the knife.

First A-Team, now Miami Vice....what in the 80's is left?

Coming soon to a theatre near you....Cheers, the movie, starring Kevin Costner as the ex-ballplayer turned Boston area bar owner...well....not quite (yet), but is there anything in the 80's left to remake? Apparently there is as this article shows:
Irish screen star Colin Farrell is in line to play the part of Detective James "Sonny" Crockett in the movie of the 1980s cop classic, Miami Vice.
Universal is in talks with Farrell and Jamie Foxx, who is being targeted to play Detective Ricardo Tubbs, according to Hollywood trade paper, Variety.

NBA to Ban 3-pointers? Maybe

What woul dthe NBA be like without the three-pointer? probably a more up-tempo game with less one-on-one action. Currently teams hold the ball for 22 seconds then shoot a 3-pointer before the shot clock expires. It makes for BORING games. Without the three, teams would have no benefit of waiting and would try to work the ball in for a better shot.

The NBA is considering a plan to abolish the three-point shot until the end of games to increase shooting percentages and make the sport more aesthetically pleasing.The NBA may ban three-pointers until there's five minutes left in the game in its development league this season, Stu Jackson, NBA senior vice president of basketball operations, said in a telephone interview.
Banning the three-point shot until late in the game might lead to a more up-tempo style and higher shooting percentages because players would be encouraged to take shots closer to the basket. It also would stop players on fast breaks from pulling up for a shot from the three-point line instead of going for layups.

Sacramento Firefighters Use Fire Truck to Party & Get Women

I lived in Sacto for about two years...this story pretty much sums it up. It may be the capital of California, but it's also the White-Trash Capital of the world.
Nineteen firefighters in Sacramento, California have been disciplined for using city fire engines to meet women, including at a local event in which people dressed as porn stars, an official said on Wednesday.

Six firefighters have been fired and 13 others have been suspended or reprimanded following the largest internal probe ever by the Sacramento Fire Department, said Captain Niko King, the department's spokesman.
The misconduct investigation began in early July after reports of firefighters using city vehicles to cruise bars in the often sleepy state capital.
Later six firefighters were caught taking three city vehicles to a "Porn Star Costume Ball."

A woman at the event accused one of the firefighters of sexual assault aboard a fire engine. Prosecutors dropped the charges after determining the sexual encounter was consensual, King said.
"It's an inappropriate use of city equipment, obviously," King said.

Google Search Gets Personal

A buddy of mine here at work downloaded this earlier today and raved about it so I thought I'd try it. It was Awesome. Instead of that clunky search tool that never comes back with decent results in Windows, Google's search tool came back with awesome results.

Google is expanding the borders of its search empire into people's computers.
The net giant has released a preliminary version of a desktop program that will search computer hard drives, as well as the web.

The desktop tool can be downloaded for free and lets people search e-mails in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, as well as files in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and in plain text.
It also searches web pages viewed in Internet Explorer and instant messages in AOL Instant Messenger.
Google said the software was based on its internet search engine. It takes a while to index a PC hard drive, but after that the company says search results will appear in fractions of a second.

My Underwear is telling me I'm about to have a Stroke!

So your walking down the street and all of a sudden a sensor goes off indicating your blood pressure is too high and you are about to have a stroke. What do you do? Consult your underwear!
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A group of 33 firms have unveiled the prototype of a portable heart monitor that would use sensors woven into underwear to warn patients before they suffer a stroke.

The system, which requires further research, keeps track of important risk factors for heart disease, such as inactivity, poor sleep and stress.
Software will help patients become more active and lose weight if needed.

Will Microsoft Ever REALLY Be Trustworthy?

There was a memo written a few years back dubbing Microsoft the "trustworthy computing" company. So how many of you out there trust Microsoft. I've always referred to Disney as "the evil empire" but I may have ot take that label and apply it to Bill Gates' baby. How can a company who continuously preaches change and security, then turns around and forces us to continue to pay for sub par product be trustworthy?

In cae you need another reason why Microsoft conjures up images of Big Brother, here's an article from Jeff over at Lockergnome about the new Media player Microsoft launched Tuesday. It's definately worth reading if you are thinking of getting the new Media Player 10.

January 15, 2005 -- a Saturday -- will almost certainly pass quietly on the bucolic Redmond, Washington, campus of Microsoft Corp. But for those in the field of information technology security, who often make a sport of following the company's struggles to secure its products, the date is certain to attract some notice: it's the third anniversary of a now-famous internal Microsoft e-mail dubbed the "Trustworthy Computing" memo.
Addressed to all full-time employees at Microsoft and its subsidiaries, Gates' Trustworthy Computing memo announced an ambitious program to make Microsoft's technology more secure and reliable, and signalled a profound change in the culture of the world's leading software maker. In it, Gates re-oriented the priorities of the company he founded in 1978, and which made him into the world's richest man in the 1990s by turning out easy-to-use software applications that were tightly integrated with the company's dominant Windows operating system.
Written just months after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S., the Trustworthy Computing memo likened the need to secure his company's software to the new imperatives of securing the nation's critical infrastructure such as airlines, electrical, telephony and water services.
Compared to the reliability of such critical services, "computing falls well short," Gates said, noting that the insecurity and instability of computing systems had a subtle but pernicious effect on technology adoption.
As explained by Gates in the memo, four important aspects comprised the new initiative: availability, security, privacy and trustworthiness.

Within Microsoft, the memo "absolutely changed the mindset of the company," said Gytis Barzdukas, director of product management in Microsoft's Security Business and Technology Unit.
That kind of decision would have been unheard of in the go-go days of the 1990s, when Microsoft's focus was on shipping its products fast and on crushing the competition, such as rival Web browser Netscape (
Overview, Articles, Company), with key features, said John Pescatore, vice president at Gartner Inc.
"Microsoft was of the opinion that nobody cared about security -- what they wanted was integration ... something so easy that (their grandmother) can use it," he said.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Chips used for medical reasons, ok'd by FDA

I know it will "speed up healthcare" and in cases of people with serious issues this may be a Godsend, but I get a little tense thinking about the ramifications of implanting microchips into human beings. Big Brother may start watching. Now, I DO think this could be a good thing for those who have committed serious crimes. As one of the terms of parole prisoners who have committed or are likely to re-commit violent or sex crimes should have to get a chip implanted. For those that say this would be a violation of their "civil rights" I say four words..."Don't commit the crimes."

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved an implantable computer chip that can pass a patient's medical details to doctors, speeding care.
VeriChips, radio frequency microchips the size of a grain of rice, have already been used to identify wayward pets and livestock. And nearly 200 people working in Mexico's attorney general's office have been implanted with chips to access secure areas containing sensitive documents.

The company is targeting patients with diabetes, chronic cardiac conditions, Alzheimer's disease and those who undergo complex treatments like chemotherapy, said Dr. Richard Seelig, Applied Digital Solutions' vice president of medical applications.
With the pinch of a syringe, the microchip is inserted under the skin in a procedure that takes less than 20 minutes and leaves no stitches.
Silently and invisibly, the dormant chip stores a code -- similar to the identifying UPC code on products sold in retail stores -- that releases patient-specific information when a scanner passes over the chip.
At the doctor's office those codes stamped onto chips, once scanned, would reveal such information as a patient's allergies and prior treatments.

The Lava is Coming, The Lava is Coming

I know it won't be anything like back inthe 80's, but I'd like to see the mountain blow it's top. Kind of like how you always slow down to see a traffic accident.

MOUNT ST. HELENS, Wash. -- Steaming, glowing lava as hot as 1,300 degrees continued to ooze in the crater of Mount St. Helens Wednesday.
Scientists continue to measure heat, gasses, movement and water runoff at the volcano in southwest Washington. A plan to use an aircraft drone to collect gas samples awaits permission from the Federal Aviation Administration.
Scientists expect fluctuations in the level of unrest to continue during coming days, and a hazardous eruption could occur with little warning.
For now, a five-mile area remains closed to the public around the mountain.
If there were an ash eruption Wednesday, winds would carry the plume to the south-southwest.

Wil Wheaton speaks at Gnomedex

If you go to this site, you can download the audio of Wil's presentation at gnomedex.

You may know him for his portrayal of Cadet Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but inside the skin of an actor is a geek trying (successfully) to get out. He's the author of the weblog,, and two books: Dancing Barefoot and Just a Geek. In this presentation recorded at Gnomedex 4.0, Wil reads original unexpurgated excerpts from his books, takes questions, and sits down for an interview with IT Conversations. It was one of the highlights of the weekend. Guaranteed to entertain, whether you're a Star Trek fan or not.

Caffeine Withdrawal Syndrome

About once or twice a year I resolve to quot drinking caffeinated soda. I probably drink 2 to 3 sodas a day (Pepsi & Mountain Dew are the drinks of choice). Each time I eventually give up because of the fatigue factor and the overbearing headaches I get while trying to quit. Pretty soon I'll be able to get this diagnosed as an official disease. How cool is that?

Researchers at John Hopkins University are trying to get "Caffeine Withdrawal Syndrome" into the books as a mental disorder.
Experts say adding the disorder and its many symptoms to the list would help doctors diagnose the syndrome.
Symptoms of caffeine withdrawal include: headache, fatigue, depressed mood and irritability.

Hot Dogs or Dog food?

If you are about to go to lunch or get queasy easily, you may want to skip this story:
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Reuters) - Emergency service workers had their stomachs turned when they cleaned up a smelly mess of spilled pig innards that blocked a busy Arkansas intersection for several hours on Tuesday.
Police said a truck spilled about 1,000 pounds (450 kg) of hog intestines fresh from a packing plant. The mess in the state capital, Little Rock, left several cleanup workers queasy.
"It was horrible. Oh, it was bad," said Sgt. Terry Hastings of the Little Rock police department.
The truck was carrying the entrails from a rendering plant to a facility where dog food is manufactured when the driver made an abrupt stop. The container was covered only by a tarp, which did not prevent the viscera from sloshing into the crossroads, police said.
Firefighters used bleach and fire hoses to flush away the mess.

Shout out To the "Perfect Storm"

Anne Donovan, Seattle Storm coach, became the first female to win a major championship in any sport last night as the Storm won it's first ever WNBA championship & gave Seattle it's first championship of any kind in over 25 years. With all the talk of Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson, it was Betty Lennox, a one-time promising player who never seemd to fulfill that promise, who was named the finals MVP. I watched the entire game and was genuinely entertained by it. Considering of the four major sports (Baseball, Football, Hockey & Basketball) basketball is my least favorite, that is saying a lot. Congrats to the Storm on their "perfect" season! The team also did something the Sonics haven;t done in about two years....sodl out the Key Arena to the tune of 17,000 plus screaming fans!

SEATTLE (AP) -- Betty Lennox had two WNBA franchises fold while she was on the roster. After the Cleveland Rockers folded last year, she landed with the Seattle Storm in the dispersal draft.
Now she's the MVP of the WNBA Finals.
Lennox had another huge night, scoring 23 points to lead Seattle to its first title with a 74-60 victory over the Connecticut Sun on Tuesday night.
What happened after the game was hard for Lennox to believe.
"Not only the celebration, the award that I just got. I can't believe it,'' she said. "Me? After everything I've been through? I'm speechless right now.''
The Storm claimed the city's first major professional sports championship in 25 years, going back to the SuperSonics winning the 1979 NBA title.
Donovan is the first female coach to win a WNBA title, following Houston's Van Chancellor (1997-2000), Los Angeles' Michael Cooper (2001-02) and Detroit's Bill Laimbeer (2003).
"I think there are a lot of great women coaches out there. In order to get to the next level of respect, we have to win championships," Donovan said. "Some of the credibility issues that people are reluctant to give female coaches, this will help.''

This Should Make You Feel Safe Post 9/11

I don't even need to say anything about thias other than Unbeleivable!

NEWARK, New Jersey (AP) -- Baggage screeners at Newark Liberty International Airport missed one out of every four fake bombs or weapons inspectors tried to sneak past checkpoints in recent tests.
Security screeners at the New Jersey airport's nine checkpoints most often missed phony explosive devices hidden in carryon bags sent through X-ray machines, the newspaper reported.
The checkers at Newark, one of the airports breached by terrorist hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001, also failed to detect guns concealed in carryon bags sent through X-rays or carried under the clothing of testers who walked through metal detectors, the report said.

Of 327 tests, airport screeners passed 246 and failed 81, the TSA documents show. Workers who failed were given remedial training.
Test results varied by week, with screeners scoring a stellar 97 percent pass rate in the week including the July 4 holiday, and a low 40 percent pass rate the week of Sept.

Gun Picture Banned From Yearbook

Interesting case of Freedom of speech Vs. Gun control in schools. The guidlines for submitting pictures in this schools yearbook seem to clearly state this type of picture would be acceptable. The fact of the matter is, Sporting guns are legal & this kid just wants his "passion" to be recognized years later when he looks back in his yearbook. Interesting debate.

LONDONDERRY, New Hampshire (AP) -- The school board has voted to ban a photo of a student from the senior section of his high school yearbook because he is posed with a shotgun.
But Tuesday's unanimous vote also backed a compromise: Blake Douglass can have the photo published in a "community sports" section, and a new photo -- without the gun but featuring other elements of skeet and trap shooting -- can appear in the seniors' section of the Londonderry High School yearbook.
I don't see anything wrong with the picture," Douglass, 17 said at the hearing. "I just want my senior picture in the yearbook."
Penny Dean, Douglass' lawyer, said she intends to file a complaint in U.S. District Court, and said the National Rifle Association will pay for the court case.
Dean cited a statement on student publications in the board's policy manual: "We encourage the use of school sponsored publications to express students' points of view. They shall be free from all policy restrictions outside the normal rules for responsible journalism."

It Doesn't Pay To Win The Lottery

Hey Rick Camat you just won the $87 million California Lottery, where are you going next? "I'm going to Seattle to shoot at cars!"
I saw the live newscast Sunday night when this happened, I don't beleive for a second this guy's families recount of the story. They say he was just shooting the gun in the air to stop a fight. I say BS. One of the quotes I heard from the eyewitness interviewed on the news... "I just want to thank that police officer...he saved my life." you know, there is a real simple way NOT to have to worry about a police officer shooting you because he may or may not have misunderstood your intentions with your gun...Don't pull it out and start firing it out in front of a bar next to a football stadium with thousands of people around!

SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- A man shot to death by police outside a football stadium has been identified by his family as one of the winners of an $87 million lottery jackpot.
Rick Camat, 32, was shot early Sunday as dozens of people fled to avoid a fight outside a bar before a St. Louis Rams-Seattle Seahawks game.

Police alleged that Camat was carrying a handgun and fired at a car that was leaving the area. Authorities said he crouched behind another vehicle and pointed a handgun at officers.
Relatives insisted Camat only fired into the air to break up the fight and said officers never issued a warning before shooting him.

Officer Debra Brown said the family's account "differs vastly from the statements of dozens of witnesses who were at the scene that evening."
Camat was one of 13 Starbucks employees in Los Angeles who shared an $87 million California lottery jackpot in 2000.

Why Did We Go To War?

For all of those who needed a better reason than "weapons of mass destruction" as to why we went in to kick Saddam's butt out of power, here is one of those reasons. I know we've spent lots of money and suffered the tragic loss of life inevitable in war, but those soldiers have died for the greater good of mankind. Just read below and you'll understand what we have been fighting to remove from the world.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. forces have exhumed a mass graves site in northwestern Iraq and uncovered the remains of hundreds of people.
Many of the bodies found at the site near al-Hatra are believed to be the bodies of Kurdish women and children thought slaughtered by the Saddam Hussein regime.

"A perfect place for execution," Greg Kehoe, the head of the Regime Crime Liaison Office and leader of the forensic excavation, said on Wednesday.
"It is my personal opinion that this is a killing field," Kehoe told reporters during a visit to the site south of Mosul.
"Someone used this field on significant occasions over time to take bodies up there, and to take people up there and execute them."

Crews have excavated two grave trenches, and officials say there could be as many as 12 in the general area. Kehoe said the bodies were apparently bulldozed into the graves.
"Unlike bodies that you've seen in many mass graves -- they look like cordwood -- all lined up," he said. "That didn't happen here. These bodies were just pushed in."
The first trench contains the remains of women and children, and the second contains the remains of men only. More than 100 bodies have been found from the first location and a similar number from the other.

Many of the victims wore multiple layers of clothing and carried small personal items like jewelry and medication. One child was found with a ball in his hand.
The women -- four or five of whom were pregnant -- and children appear to have been killed with a single small caliber gunshot to the head.

Human rights groups believe about 300,000 people were killed during Saddam's 24-year rule, which ended when U.S.-led forces toppled his regime in 2003.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A-Team Plan Comes Together

No it won't star Mr. T, but the A-team is coming to the Big screen. A Movie is in the works for the 80's TV series.
Eighties' TV show The A-Team is being remade for the big screen.The series, which featured the action-packed adventures of “Hannibal” Smith, “BA” Baracus, “Faceman” Peck and “Howling Mad” Murdock, will be placed in a contemporary setting.Muscleman Mr T (Lawrence Tero), who starred in the original with George Peppard, could be bought back for the new film, although not as BA – whose initials stood for Bad Attitude.
James Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein is writing the movie version of the popular US series, which ran from 1983 to 1987, according to the Hollywood industry bible Variety.
The A-Team was recently voted the favourite show of yesteryear, which viewers want to see return to TV, over the likes of Knight Rider and The Monkeys.

What's good For the Goose......

So why is it the Democrats are all upset about this? It must be OK for a right-wing liberal to shaw a "documentary" proven to be full of lies and half-truths about the Republican President, but it's not Ok for a TV station to air a story that may or may not shed a negative light on a democrat? Hmm...sounds like typical liberal thinking to me.
At least 18 Democratic senators are seeking a federal probe of Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to air an anti-Kerry film next week, just two weeks before the election, a news report said Tuesday.
The Democratic senators have asked the Federal Communications Commission to investigate whether Sinclair's plan to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" is an improper use of public airwaves, The Hollywood Reporter said.
Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee said Monday it would file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that the documentary is an illegal contribution of air time to President Bush's campaign, DNC spokesman Jano Cabrera told CNN/Money.

The broadcast group plans to air portions of "Stolen Honor," which is critical of Kerry's antiwar activities, without commercials on 62 of its TV stations nationwide. Twelve of those stations are in key battleground states

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Electoral Vote Website Predicts the Winner Daily

Cool website predicts how the vote will go based on research polls taken in each and every state. It is updated daily.

Wacky Bowling Records

I recently rolled a 300 game in my Thursday night Men’s Commercial league sponsored by Redhook Brewery (sounds like the beginning to one of the college bowl game… “here we are today folks getting set for the opening kickoff of the Johnson & Johnson Toilet Bowl brought to you by Bank of America.” Anyway, I was reading the “congratulations” e-mail I got from the ABC (American Bowling Congress) and there was a link to their website. I of course went there. One of the things on the website you can click on is the all-time bowling records. I’ve been bowling since I was old enough to walk & I consider myself a good bowler. My Last two sanctioned league book averages were 221 & 214. That being said, I thought some of these records were extremely incredible (both for the good and bad):

1. Highest Average All-Time (minimum 66 games): 261 (Jeff Carter)
2. Most career sanctioned 300 Games (I have 8): 79 (Jeff Carter)
3. Most 800 Series in Career (I have three): 91 (John Chacko Jr)
4. Highest 3-game series for a 5 person team: 3934 (Each bowler averaged 262.26 for three games)
5. Highest 5 person Team Game: 1413 (282.6 average per person)
6. The oldest person ever to bowl a 200 game: Mollie Marler, 101 years old
7. Most Years Bowled without an absence: 45 ½ (Henry Wilz, 1931-1976)
8. Most Games without an Error: 65 (Skang Mercurio, missed a 10-pin in the 9th frame of the 66th game)
9. Lowest game in League Play History: 2 (Mike Kappa)
10. Greatest margin between two consecutive games in league play: 213 pins (Reed Townley rolled an 87 then a 300)
11. Lowest Average Ever to Bowl a 300 Game: 117 (Roger Evans)
12. Most Consecutive Gutter Balls in League Play in one Game: 19 (Richard Caplette)
13. Most Consecutive Years bowling in the same league:76 (Clarence George 1919-1995)

What Really Hit The Pentagon?

Conspiricy theorists unite. Here is one for the ages:

Working from his home office in a small town in England, Darren Williams spent four weeks this summer making a short but startling video that raises novel questions about the 2001 attack on the Pentagon.
The video,
"9/11: Pentagon Strike," suggests that it was not American Airlines Flight 77 that slammed into the Pentagon, but a missile or a small plane.
The pictures seem incompatible with damage caused by a jumbo jet, and no one mentions seeing one. Red arrows point to unbroken windows in the burning building. Firefighters stand outside a perfectly round hole in a Pentagon wall where the Boeing 757 punched through; it is less than 20 feet in diameter.
Williams created a Web site for the video, Within 36 hours, Williams's site collapsed under the crush of tens of thousands of visitors. But there were others to fill the void.

ChihuahuaDies In Housefire Unintentinally Set By FireFighters

Why does everything funny happen in the South?
Arkansas firefighters set off a blaze that scorched a house when a structure they use to teach fire safety to children snapped a power line en route to an education session.
Firefighters in Magnolia, about 135 miles southwest of Little Rock, said the fire education structure, called a "smokehouse," struck a power line as they towed it to an elementary school. The downed power line sparked a fire at a house.
The house suffered minimal damage, firefighters said, but the pet Chihuahua of a widow living in the home was killed. The dog named, Nubin, apparently died of smoke inhalation.

Computer Chips in Drivers Licences

I had to post this story after my sister and I had a discussion yesterday about why RFID chip sare good (my take) and why they are bad (sissy's take). She can;t stand the thought of anyone tracking her spending habits or anything else (referring to a story about RFID chips in clithes and money). My take was better security for our country. She ought to just LOVE this one then...
Some federal and state government officials want to make state driver's licenses harder to counterfeit or steal, by adding computer chips that emit a radio signal bearing a license holder's unique, personal information.
In Virginia, where several of the 9/11 hijackers obtained driver's licenses, state legislators Wednesday will hear testimony about how radio frequency identification, or RFID, tags may prevent identity fraud and help thwart terrorists using falsified documents to move about the country.
Privacy advocates will argue that the radio tags will also make it easy for the government to spy on its citizens and exacerbate identity theft, one of the problems the technology is meant to relieve.

"Good to be in DC" coming soon to a Download near you

The genius' at are at it again. The sequal to "This Land" which parodies Bush & Kerry singing "This land is your land" debuts tonight on the Jay Leno show & will be available for your viewing pleasure tomorrow.
The online animation "Good To Be in DC!" (set to the tune of "Dixie") features the presidential and vice presidential candidates along with Attorney General John Ashcroft, CBS News anchor Dan Rather, filmmaker Michael Moore, talk show host Rush Limbaugh and Jane Fonda.
Running at 80 seconds, or about 30 seconds shorter than "This Land," the sequel was to debut on the Leno show Thursday and be available afterward at and Spiridellis said "The Tonight Show" is paying an undisclosed amount for premiere rights.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Troops In Survey Back Bush

An unscientific survey of U.S. military personnel shows they support President Bush for re-election by a 4-to-1 ratio. Two-thirds of those responding said John Kerry's anti-war activities after he returned from Vietnam make them less likely to vote for him.
In the survey of more than 4,000 full-time and part-time troops, 73% said they would vote for Bush if the election were held today; 18% said they would vote for Kerry. Of the respondents, 59% identified themselves as Republicans, 20% as independents and 13% as Democrats.
The survey was conducted Sept. 15-28 by the Army Times Publishing Co., which distributes the weekly newspapers Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times. (Army Times Publishing is owned by Gannett, which also publishes USA TODAY.)

Military personnel who responded to the survey said they were generally happy with their jobs: 73% said they would re-enlist.

GameTime - Click on the numbers

The objest of the game is to click on the numbers 1-15 as fast as you can. So far my best is 5.124 seconds.

Dumbass of the Week

Sometimes you don't have to wait until the end of the week to present the award. Surprisingly enough it goes to someone from Salt Lake City, Utah (catch the sarcasm?).

SALT LAKE CITY - If you can't stand the heat, don't pour gasoline down the toilet. An apartment tenant made that $75,000 mistake Tuesday.
The man came home for lunch and found gas leaking from the tank of his car. He caught the gas, and decided to dispose of it by dumping it down the toilet.
But the pilot light of a water heater ignited the fumes, causing a small explosion. The blast destroyed the porcelain toilet, and the intense heat from the flames melted the remaining pieces.
The man and three other people were able to get out of the home before the fire spread.
Officials said gasoline and kerosene should never be poured into the drain or toilet or sewer system.

Which Candidate Is More Tech-Friendly?

Senator John Kerry, Democratic challenger to U.S. President George Bush, would seek more government involvement on issues such as broadband adoption, cybersecurity, and spam, while Bush, if reelected, would continue to take a more market-driven approach to those issues, a panel of Washington, D.C., technology experts predicted Tuesday.
Although partisan, both sides agreed that the two candidates would take sometimes radically different approaches to technology-related issues. Kerry would use tax incentives and other government programs to encourage the rollout of broadband and faster broadband, while Bush's position has largely been to reduce regulation on broadband providers and let the market respond to the need, said Thomas Lenard, senior fellow and vice president for research at the Progress and Freedom Foundation, a free market-focused think tank.

Cyber games (or Nerd Watch 2004) Begins today

I don't think it will catch on like Texas Hold'em has in the U.S., but today does mark the beginning of the 8-tournament, $400,000 in prizes, Cyber Games 2004.
The event, a culmination of national competitions held around the globe, pits teams of players against each other in first-person shooters including "Counter-Strike: Condition Zero," "Unreal Tournament 2004" and "Halo."
"My parents didn't like it at all at first, but when I started traveling and making money out of it, they realized that I'm actually not just wasting my time on this," said gamer Michael Korduner of Stockholm.
In addition to the popular shooting titles, competitors will play "Need For Speed: Underground," a racing game with exotic cars, and "FIFA 2004," a fast-paced game of cyber soccer, played on PCs.

Stern to Broadcast on Satellite Radio in 2006

This will be a boon for Satellite radio. I'm not a Stern fan, but he does have a large following & many of those followers will be tuning into Satellite. That means more subscriptions and, possibly, the ultimate success of satellite radio.

Howard Stern stunned his staff, and the radio world, this morning by announcing that he's jumping to satellite radio when his Viacom contract expires in 15 months.
Stern, who has seen himself as under siege by anti-obscenity forces and the Federal Communications Commission, will have far more freedom at his new home, on Sirius Satellite Radio, and will likely bring some of his millions of fans with him.

The raunchy broadcaster has been at war with the FCC over the sexually charged content of his morning show. One of his distributors, Clear Channel, dropped him from six of its stations and later reached a nearly $2-million settlement with the FCC over indecency charges involving Stern and others. clears over $100 million in tickets

Now if only I could get him to clear my speeding tickets!

Glen Bolofsky doesn't think you should necessarily have to pay your parking tickets, and he's doing something about it.
The reason the system works roughly 75 percent of the time, Bolofsky claims, and has helped clear an estimated $100 million in tickets over its 20-plus years' of operation is simple. He believes that most parking tickets are themselves, in violation. For instance, it is actually legal for most commercial vehicles to double-park while making deliveries, for up to three hours. General ignorance of such rules may be why United Parcel Service is another company that has approached the site about subscribing to its services.
"Most big cities use parking tickets as a method of generating revenue, not for creating an environment of safety for drivers and pedestrians, the reason why parking tickets were invented," he said. "If you begin looking at the actual regulations, you'll find that most tickets are not really enforceable."

Your Car Can Issue a Speeding Ticket

UAE University and IBM Middle East unveiled today the prototype of the world's first car safety device that can send alerts to the driver via voice technology whenever the vehicle is passing the speed limit of a particular street.
With advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities, the new 'Smart Box' can also be integrated with the local traffic department to issue speeding tickets after several 'voice' warnings.

Sony's Vaio X: Like TiVo on Steroids

I have Tivo. One of my problems with it is let's say you have the sports package and you want to flip channels between all 7 NFL games on TV at 10 am PST on Sunday morning. My Tivo only has two if you flip to a channel right after a team does something exciting (scores a TD), you can't rewind and watch what just happened because the tuner just switched over to that channel. you could record two of the games, but then you are limited to watching only those two games. With this new Sony computer/home entertainment PC, it can simultaneously record 7 things at once...meaning it has 7 tuners. Meaning I can rewind any game I want! That's the shiznit!To understand the Vaio X computer it's best to think of it as three things packed into one black, shiny box.
On one side it's a multimedia personal computer, with two 250GB hard drives and a television tuner. Users can do all the normal things they would with one of the company's Vaio computers including recording television programs from a single analog channel or, via an optional unit, a digital TV channel.
Also packed into its tower-PC sized case are two video server boards. Each unit contains three analog TV tuners and is connected to a 250GB hard drive. The unit runs on the Micro iTron operating system and the interface with the rest of the PC is via an Ethernet port, says Junji Tsuyuki, a senior product producer at Sony's IT and mobile solutions network department.
The three analog tuners mean it's possible to record three channels at once and because there are two server boards this rises to six channels simultaneously, says Tsuyuki. With the tuner from the PC side of the device also added, a user can record seven channels at the same time although the focus of the device is continuous, simultaneous recording of six programs via the dual video servers.
Users can bring up a grid-like electronic programming guide screen that, instead of looking forward, contains the past few days of television. Then, at the press of a button, any program can be watched on demand--a function Sony likens to a time machine.

All My Ex's live in Malaysia

Ughh, 51Ex Wives? That's a lot of bad blood roaming around the countryside.

Kamarudin Mohamad's latest betrothal was also his first. He remarried his first "ex-wife" Sunday after divorcing her in 1958. She is now 74.
In between, he married 51 other women, including an Englishwoman and two Thais.
"I am not a playboy. I just love seeing beautiful women," the New Straits Times quoted Kamarudin, who hails from northern Kelantan state, as telling the paper.
He said all his previous marriages ended in divorce, except his last wife who died of cancer.
"My shortest marriage lasted for two days several years ago and the longest was with my last wife, a Thai woman from Songkhla, with whom I was married for 20 years."

Why Pay for Coffee When All You Need Is Connectivity?

It makes sense. A lot of people who stop in at Starbucks or some other Wireless Hotspot feel obligated to purchase something in order to use the connection. This article outlines FreedomNet Solutions vision of a wireless parking lot. A place where salespeople can go to connect, check e-mail and get out fo their quick without ever leaving their car.

The pitch goes like this. Salespeople only make money when they are selling. They don't want to stop for a cup of coffee just in order to check e-mail or process an order. The solution: Create a parking lot hotspot. Retailers agree to rig out their parking areas with wireless access, and pre-paid users pull in just long enough to do their business without leaving their cars

Report: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq

Allthough no WMD were found in Iraq, this report DOES conclude Saddam was trying to get sactions lifted so he could stockpile WMD & that he did have labs to manufacture biological weapons.
Based in part on interviews with Saddam, the report from the CIA-led Iraq Survey Group also will conclude that he wanted to acquire weapons of mass destruction because he believed they kept the United States from going all the way to Baghdad during the first Gulf War.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan argued Tuesday that the report's findings support the military action taken by President Bush, even though stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction have not been found.
"I think the report will continue to show that [Saddam] was a gathering threat that needed to be taken seriously, that it was a matter of time before he was going to begin pursuing those weapons of mass destruction," McClellan said.
The report will include names of individuals and countries that did business with the Iraqi regime through the oil-for-food program, both legally and illegally. The senior administration officials would not provide names of those businesses but did say that American, French, Russian and Polish businesses are mentioned.

Tiger Gets Hitched - No Longer Married To Golf

Now that the wedding is done and the $3 Million check has been written for it, maybe Tiger can start concentrating on Golf again. Tiger has fallen to the #3 overall ranking in the world over the past few months, no doubt the wedding planning has been weighing on his mind. There was more security than some third world countries at the event. Lucky Guy...not only did he marry the nanny, she also comes with a twin sister! "......And Twins."

Tiger Woods married Swedish model Elin Nordegren at an exclusive resort in Barbados, according to witnesses. The sunset ceremony reportedly cost $1.5 million.
The Barbados Daily Nation quoted unidentified sources as saying that the event cost $1.5 million. Woods reportedly imported 500 red roses for the ceremony.
The rock group Hootie and the Blowfish performed, witnesses said, before fireworks lit the night along Barbados' west coast.
The couple spent their wedding night on a yacht, which was named "Privacy."

Resort employees erected sheets of plywood and a crane hoisted large plants to try to block views of the event.
Two photographers approaching the reception area were escorted away by Barbadian police, who helped provide security, along with private guards and a Barbados Coast Guard cutter offshore.
Other photographers crouched in a nearby bushy area, from as early as 1 p.m., to take pictures of guests entering the country club. Others were on the roof of a nearby house.
Security guards from Sandy Lane tried in vain to persuade a nearby resident to throw the media off her son's property. The woman explained she was the landlord and that she had granted permission.
Woods' precautions appeared to encompass hiring the only helicopter charter company on the island, which said it was booked solid Tuesday -- a move that prevented journalists and photographers from flying over the event.
He also rented out the entire hotel, which has about 200 rooms ranging in price from $700 to $8,000 a night, according to a hotel source.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I Get No Respect...Dangerfield a Memory

The Star of Stand up Comedy and on of the funniest movies I've ever seen, Caddyshack, Died at the age of 82. Everyone should go out this weekend and rent a Dangerfield movie...or watch a stand up remember the great comedian.

Rodney Dangerfield, the bug-eyed comic whose self-deprecating one-liners brought him stardom in clubs, television and movies and made his lament "I don't get no respect" a catchphrase, died Tuesday. He was 82.

As a comic, Dangerfield -- clad in a black suit, red tie and white shirt with collar that seemed too tight -- convulsed audiences with lines such as: "When I was born, I was so ugly that the doctor slapped my mother"; "When I started in show business, I played one club that was so far out my act was reviewed in Field and Stream"; and "Every time I get in an elevator, the operator says the same thing to me: 'Basement?"'

His film debut came in 1971 with "The Projectionist," which he described as "the kind of a movie that you went to the location on the subway." He did better in 1980 with "Caddyshack," in which he held his own with such comics as Chevy Chase, Ted Knight and Bill Murray.
Despite his good reviews, Dangerfield claimed he didn't like movies or TV series: "Too much waiting around, too much memorizing; I need that immediate feedback of people laughing."
Still, he continued starring in and sometimes writing films such as "Easy Money," "Back to School," "Moving," "The Scout," "Ladybugs" and "Meet Wally Sparks." He turned dramatic as a sadistic father in Oliver Stone's 1994 "Natural Born Killers."
In 1995, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences rejected Dangerfield's application for membership. A letter from Roddy McDowall of the actors branch explained that the comedian had failed to execute "enough of the kinds of roles that allow a performer to demonstrate the mastery of his craft."
The ultimate rejection, and Dangerfield played it to the hilt. He had established his own Web site ("I went out and bought an Apple Computer; it had a worm in it"), and his fans used it to express their indignation. The public reaction prompted the academy to reverse itself and offer membership. Dangerfield declined.
"They don't even apologize or nothing," he said. "They give no respect at all -- pardon the pun -- to comedy."

Washington State Opens Digital Archives, First to Do It

Washington has opened what is believed to be the nation's first digital archives for state government, holding everything from birth records to the first election results in Washington Territory in 1854.
Housed in a new building on the Eastern Washington University campus, the $14.5 million Washington State Digital Archives makes certain records and electronic documents available without fear of damage.

The census records, for example, contain county demographic information from 1847-1892. Also included are naturalization records ranging from 1854-1988, depending on the county, and marriage records dating back to 1900.
Certified copies of documents can be purchased through a secure channel, eliminating the need to travel to Olympia or county courthouses where the paperwork is filed, digital archivist Adam Jansen said.

Woman who gets Anti-Bush Message tattooed on head uses proceeds to Buy Beer

Go Figure...
Kerra Fowler is a mother of four who decided to wear her opposition to President Bush on the back of her head. She offered up on eBay her shaved skull for an anti-Bush message and received a tattoo of a large W, complete with a cowboy hat, with a red slash across it after a sympathetic buyer bid $103.50.
"One wanted 10 grand and the other, $30,000," she told The Herald-Times of Bloomington for a story Tuesday. "So I thought, that isn't right, to say you believe in something and then charge $30,000. I thought that was audacious."
Fowler did accept the money, gave half to the tattoo artist and used the rest to buy beer, pay part of a bill and buy a gift for her children.

Spyware, Trojan & Virus Removal

Over at Major Geeks they have a page dedicated to removing this crap off your computer. It may take a while (think hours) , but in the end it will be worth it.
This article reflects countless hours of experience removing spyware, trojans and viruses. If you can take the time to do all of these steps, there's a good chance your problem will be solved by following this article. While all of these steps are not required for each case, they should be beneficial to all. In general, these steps should work on all versions of Windows XP, but some may not apply to older operating systems like Windows 98. If you need to post a new thread requesting support be sure you have done all of these steps, tell us you did so, what symptoms you are experiencing and then follow any directions we give you exactly. As you can see reading some of the threads, people often ask for advice, then only do bits and pieces. This will not help you; It will frustrate us and take more time than required...

Evan Williams, Founder of Blogger, Resigns

I first started my Blog on Blogger in July 2003. I know it's not that long ago, but I've never paid anything for their services. since Google bought out, they've made even more things available for free. I hope it stays that way.
Evan Williams, who launched Pyra Labs in 1999 to facilitate other people's Web logs, announced his imminent departure from Google--appropriately enough--in a blog posting.
"Yes, I'm leaving my baby (or is it an adolescent by now?)," Williams wrote Monday. "As of this Friday, I will no longer be employed by Google."

New E-mail Scam Related To Presidential Election

$1.99 to vote for your favorite presidential nominee seems like a reasonable thing to do. Considering what we spend our money on, I could think of many other silly things. In reality, there is no legitimacy to this e-mail and all you are doing is giving someone in the Czech Republic your money. The thing is, it's NOT illegal in the U.S.
A junk e-mail invites people to dial a premium rate number to express their support for President George W Bush or rival John Kerry.
At first glance, the presidential election message appears to be legitimate, saying it was sent from a address.
But BlackSpider Technologies said it had traced some of the e-mails to a server in the Czech Republic.

The mail reads: "Fellow Citizen: The extremely jubilant crowds in Baghdad appeared to vindicate President George Bush's belief that the military action in Iraq was the right move.
"But many questions still remain over the lack of hard evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. With these tough times before us, let us know."
It goes on to ask readers if they support President Bush, prompting them to call a 900 premium rate number.
It says votes will be sent to the Bush and Kerry campaigns.
In an effort to convince people it is a genuine message, the e-mail says who commissioned the poll.
The mail adds that the calls will cost $1.99, saying this is "a little price to pay for a better democracy".

"The question is, are they breaking the law? In the UK they are, in the US they are not."
Sending unsolicited messages to personal e-mail is barred in the UK. But in the US, people have to opt out of receiving these sorts of messages.

MMMM Beer, And Caffeinated Beer at That!

All right, just what we needed. Forget all those low carb light's a beer that will not only lift your spirits, but it will keep you up all night to...drink more beer! Yee Haw!

Brewer Anheuser-Busch says it will introduce a caffeinated, sweet-flavored beer for twentysomething club goers to compete with the flavored rums and vodkas gaining ground on the dance floor.
B(E) infuses beer with caffeine, guarana and ginseng, along with berry aromas for a sweeter, yet more tart taste at 6.6 percent alcohol by volume, said company brewmaster Nathaniel Davis.
The new beer has a relatively high carbohydrate count, despite a trend in the industry highlighting lower-carb beers to match popular U.S. diet plans.

St. Helens Still Grumbling...Large Explosion Likely

Nothing like the last time it blew it's top, but something fairly large is going to happen within the next couple days (or so say the Volcanologists).

Scientists have said a larger eruption is likely, but there was hardly any chance of a repeat of the mountain's lethal 1980 explosion, which killed 57 people and coated much of the Northwest with ash.

I switched my comments over to Haloscan

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

I got tired of the comments. They are very convoluted.

Looking for "Certified" Used Car? Volkswagen is Best

Interesting article regarding the use of "certified used car" status. The manufactureres get rated on everything from Warranties to inspections. I'm in the market for a used truck right now.
Volkswagen's certified used car program was ranked best among non-luxury brands by IntelliChoice in rankings released Monday. Honda's was rated as second among non-luxury brands. Mazda, DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep brands and Ford rounded out the top five among non-luxury brands.
Jaguar's was rated as the best among luxury brands while Cadillac's was rated as second. This marks the first time in the six years IntelliChoice has been publishing the annual rankings that Cadillac finished in the top five.

Holiday Toy Season Officially Among Us With Release of "Hot Dozen" Toys List

Get out your plastic...warm up your sure to wear good shoes...the holiday shopping season is officially among us. Now we get to deal with heavier traffic, grouchy people & no parking. All in the name of Jolly old Saint Nick.
"The dominant trend this year is more toys based on technology," said Jim Silver, editor-in-chief of Toy Wishes magazine. Five of the 12 toys on the list incorporate an interactive screen element into the play experience.
There are the plug-and-play TV games from toymaker Jakks Pacific (JAKK: Research, Estimates) and Fisher-Price's InteracTV lets kids watch DVDs of their favorite characters, such as Barney and Dora the Explorer, while they use an electronic tablet to answer questions and play along.
Even Elmo is getting a technology enhancement his year. The new E-L-M-O from manufacturer Fisher-Price, uses his arms and legs to spell out all the letters in his name.

Kerry a "tax-and-spend" liberal: Tell us something we don't know!
"You may have noticed he changes his position quite frequently, but not on taxes," Bush said. "In his 20 years in the Senate, he's voted to raise your taxes 98 times. Now all of a sudden he saying he's for middle-class tax relief."

50,000 attend Ohio GWB rally

Monday, October 04, 2004

New Web Site/Ads explain Digital TV Needs for Consumers
It's about time. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked by friends or family, "Am I gonna need a new TV?" Well, here's your answer.
It's one of the biggest technical changes in television since color TV: the digital transition. And because many Americans remain in the dark about it, federal regulators began an education campaign Monday to enlighten them.
At a news conference, Powell announced a new Web site to answer questions about digital TV. It will explain what viewers will need once broadcasters switch from transmitting analog signals to digital and list high-definition programming offered in local communities.
Congress set a target of December 2006 for broadcasters to shift from analog transmissions to digital. The date is widely expected to slip because only a small slice of the population has digital televisions, or DTVs.
For those who don't have cable or satellite TV and don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new set, a converter box will be available to receive and decode digital signals. They cost about $200 each.

Friday, October 01, 2004

New MSN Messenger heads to Beta testing
Doesn't it seem like we get a new version 10 times a year? In reality it's not that often, but it sure seems like it!
The software will be made available to selected testers in the U.S., U.K., France, Spain, the Netherlands, and South Korea in what Microsoft calls a "limited beta" test. Then, probably before the end of the year, a public beta version will be released, says Brooke Richardson, lead product manager for MSN at Microsoft
New features include ways to grab a contact's attention, dubbed "winks" and "nudges." Users can now send a sound animation, called a wink, or make the contact's Messenger window vibrate on screen, a nudge.
With MSN Messenger 7.0, Microsoft is also increasing the use of the user's display picture or icon. It will now appear not only in the messaging window but also on the alerts that pop up when a user signs on and at the top of the Messenger client.
Microsoft has also enhanced
MSN Messenger to allow users to set their status before they sign on to the service. A user can select a status such as busy, on the phone, out to lunch, away, or "appear offline" when logging on.
While the beta version includes several new features, it does not have all the features Microsoft has planned for MSN Messenger 7.0, Richardson says.
"This beta is a taste of what will come, but it is not the full meal deal," she says.

Hidden Costs of VOIP
Speaking of VOIP, is your business looking into implementing VOIP. Have you calculated exaclty what costs you should be prepared for? Here's a good sound byte from Gary Audin, president of Delphi Inc. on the subject.
Are you planning a voice over IP implementation? You've probably got your bandwidth and switch needs figured out, but have you considered the costs of rewiring the network closets and dealing with heat output from Power over Ethernet switches? These costs can add thousands, even hundreds of thousands, to the total bill.

Cisco rated Best by consumers, but price can still make them jump ship
Allied Telesyn, the company I work for, is a great low-cost alternative to Cisco. We have VOIP, POE, Layer 3 switching with robust management...everything you want/need to run your network, large scale or small.

Cisco is the highest-rated switch manufacturer in terms of overall customer satisfaction, according to a new survey by Infonetics Research. The study also found that cost tops the list of reasons why respondents might consider jumping from their existing switch vendor to a different vendor in 2005 and 2006.
The study shows that the LAN switch market is about to get interesting as users drop their brand preference in search of security and voice over IP features and cost savings. In "User Plans for LAN Switches," Matthias Machowinski found that users rated management, VLANs, 1G interfaces and Layer 3 routing protocols as the most important switch features. However, respondents showed interest in emerging switch technologies, with a particular focus on increasing security and improving network availability.