Friday, December 23, 2005

The Rematch

Ok, a couple disclaimers before I get into the details of the rematch.

1. Tim has had his Xbox 360 for a while now and has played it many more times than I have.

2. the rematch of Madden 2006 will be the 2nd time I've ever played the game.

3. I don't own an original Xbox or an Xbox 360 so the controls are all messed up for this Playstation user.

4. Tim uses the Seahawks, who are rated as an 89, the Raiders are only rated as an 81 (so not only am I the less experienced user, I am also playing with an inferior team).

Ok, so all that being goes. Tim, having jst read my post about the original game, was quick to offer me a rematch. He also wanted to make sure I wrote about it when he kicked my butt. I guess he thought this would be some sort of redemption (beating up an a non-Xbox user and all).

The game started of bad for the Raiders (me), I fumbled the opening kick-off and the Seahawks (Tim) ran it in for a TD...7-0 Hawks. After a quick scoring drive to tie it up at 7, The Raiders forced the Hawks into a missed field goal. Another quick score for the RRRRRAAAAIIIIders and it was 14-7.

After getting a turnover of their own, the LaMont Jordon went on a tirade and took it to the house and before you could blink an eye it was 21-7 & the only score for the Hawks was the fumbled opening kick off.

The rest of the game was the Randy Moss and Lamont Jordon show. Tim and the Hawks had no answers for the dynamic duo. When the clock finally would down, Jordan had 189 yards rushing and 3 TD's en route to leading the Raiders to a 52-47 victory and being named player of the game. Moss had quite a game himself posting 181 yards recieving and one TD.

Tim will tell you it was his three turnovers that cost him the game, but in fact the turnovers were only 3-2 in my favor and I was the only one who punted the ball. So in essence, each team held the other to three non-scoring drives. Even if you include his missed Field goal, that doesn;t give him enough ponts to win the game. The fact of the matter is, the Vegas odds makers would have had to make him a double digit favorite.

I look forward the to rematch of the rematch (and writing about it afterward).