Thursday, September 30, 2004

Science comes into play for NL WildCard spot
Let's hope there not a three way tie, but if there is.....
The three teams are labeled A, B and C. Team A is assured home-field advantage for the two wild-card playoff games. Team C is assured of a first-game bye, but must play the next game on the road. Team B is the least favorable of the three, though if it wins Game 1, would play at home for Game 2.
Game 1 between teams A and B will be played Monday. The winner plays Team C on Tuesday.
Because the Giants are 4-2 against the Cubs and Astros, they get first choice and are expected to become Team C, taking the bye. The Cubs' 10-9 mark against the Astros' gives them the second choice, and they likely will accept Team A, assuring the home-field edge.