Thursday, September 30, 2004

Teachers give Students Margaritas to Celebrate Mexican Theme.
Ok, so the teachers celebrated with Margaritas the day before and mistakenly gave some to the students the next day. Isn't there a law about alcohol on school property? I know how hard it is to sneak a beer into a University of Washington football game...and I'm 33 years old!
The school's international focus this year is Mexico, so the day before the first day of class, teachers celebrated with nachos and margaritas after preparing their classrooms.
"The faculty's not a big drinking group, and so we had the mixed margarita together -- the tequila and the mix -- and we put the pitcher in the back of the refrigerator," said Headmaster Alexander Harvey IV. "Next day, school starts. Everyone's focusing on kids and making it a good first couple of days of school."
But on the first day of school, the milk supply ran out after two lunch periods, so students were served what an employee thought was limeade. It turned out to be the leftover margaritas and was served to third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students.