Friday, October 01, 2004

Hurricane reveals WWII Bomb underneath Riverfront Driveway
For years you've been pulling in and out of your driveway. It's your home, you feel safe there. Unfortunately you never know there was a WWII bomb parked right underneat your vehicle the whole time!
INDIAN RIVER COUNTY ยท Hurricane Jeanne's vicious winds and water did more than destroy a few homes in the Ocean Ridge subdivision. They also unveiled a 10-foot-long World War II bomb buried underneath a beachfront driveway
"We have seen other bombs and depth charges wash up before, but that is unusual to find it underneath the driveway," said Pat Schulke, who lives across the street from the home where the bomb was discovered.
The blue-bricked driveway washed away when the ocean's water repeatedly crashed into it. Sticking out a few feet from the rubble and sand was the elongated, 500-pound rocket-propelled bomb, known in the military as a "Tiny Tim."