Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm one tired puppy

Spent the last 48 hours in Vegas for Interop (a trade show). Never even had time to place a bet….all business…if you can call being taken around in a Limo by a partner company to an expensive Dinner, watching a live band while being bought drinks and then going out to a club….business….lol. IT was actually a pretty fun night. The trade show was pretty good, all though it seemed exactly the same as last year. Not a lot of new, innovative things at this years show. It also seemed a little less crowded. I think attendance must have been down.

Bowling tonight! The kids will be excited. They love to bowl their game after mommy and daddy get done with their league. Every time we do it, I think back to my childhood and doing the exact same thing after my parents used to get done bowling.

Aah the good ol’ days.