Monday, June 11, 2007

Fence Saga

What a weekend. We’ve had a heck of a time with our Fence project. The first company that was supposed to do our fence showed up with everything to do the work but said “tear down” was not included on their bid. They wanted to add on $1300 to tear down my existing fence. I told them to pack sand. Every other bid was between $250-$500 for tear down and disposal.

I called a company called A-Z Construction in South Seattle These people were supposed to show up during the week for a job. I paid for the Lumber at the lumber company (name withheld because they have done NOTHING wrong).

A-Z TOLD ME they picked it up (I've since been told they never even picked up the lumber) and were supposed to come do my fence. Supposedly their truck broke down. A-Z said they would be here the next day, again a problem with the 2nd truck. Said they would be here on Saturday. Guess, what? A call in the morning to say they'd be here in the afternoon. No Show/No call.

I finally got a hold of them on Saturday evening after waiting around all day. Said they finally got truck working and would be here between 8 & 9 am on Sunday. I write this at 1:45 pm on Sunday and no show. They've shut off their cell phone and won't answer their home phone.

All I was looking for was a call back telling me what was going on. Nothing. Up until today, I didn't think I was being scammed. I believed these people...and understood sometimes things happen. But no show and no call and I am out over $2000 for lumber (update: The lumber place has refunded my money and been nothing but 100% professional. I have no gripes with them. They even offered me referrals for a decent fence builder)!

I've left 5 -6 messages now all throughout the day. Nothing.

Daniel FINALLY called me this morning and said he would have the lumber company refund my money and cancelled the fence job on me.

My family and I were supposed to go camping this weekend and we stayed home waiting around for this guy. The lumber he can refund, the time lost and wasted weekend waiting around for him, he can't. I just can't believe he didn't call. When I spoke to him Saturday night he said to me, "I can't believe you are being so cool about this, most people would be so upset." To which I told him, I understand things happen sometimes, just make sure you keep me informed so I know what is going on. Then he no shows/no calls all day Sunday.

Just to make it clear...the lumber company has done nothing wrong here. They have been 100% professional and refunded my money. I have no issue with them and they even offered to give me some referrals.

BTW, someone tipped me off that A-Z has been SUSPENDED by Labor & Industries. I looked it up and their license was suspended the DAY AFTER I contracted them to do work for me. I guess I should feel lucky I didn't get burned even worse. I did look them up prior to hiring them. But, like I said, their license was suspended after that.

Here's the link to the L&I WebSite...*948lz