Monday, June 18, 2007

Things in Sports that make you go hmmmm

We all know some players lie about their birthdays, but Jose Mesa’s birth date is listed on the Philadelphia Phillies web page ( as 05/22/1966

Which is fine except his Daughter's birth date is listed on the SAME PAGE as 1/15/74

So, Mesa was 7 years, 8 months old when his wife gave birth to his daughter.



The Colorado Rockies are charging more for tickets to see their upcoming home series against the Yankees than they do any other team.

A box-seat ticket along the first-base line that would have cost you $42 for an interleague game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will go for $75 during the Yankees series, with similar increases spread over most of the ballpark.



Ian Snell (of the Pittsburgh Pirates) will not start tomorrow night against Seattle because of a blister on the index finger of his right hand.

The right-hander blistered his finger while cooking in his kitchen.

"I was cooking a chicken breast for a salad and burned my finger," Snell said. "I'm all right, but the salad wasn't too good."



The Oakland Raiders, a Team that has sucked intensely in recent years, canceled the final week of their off-season training program Friday after complaints from the NFL players' union about the intensity of the practices.

In a brief statement, coach Lane Kiffin said the players' union believes the Raiders' off-season program violated league rules on practice standards.

"The union has complained about the high level of intensity, player aggressiveness and fast pace of our practices and, as a result, has taken away the final week of our off-season program," said Kiffin, the NFL's youngest and least experienced head coach.




A paintball shot in the groin left rookie LaRon Landry unable to practice when the Washington Redskins opened their minicamp Friday.

The No. 6 overall pick in this year's draft was injured during a team-building outing Wednesday, when coach Joe Gibbs allowed the players to leave early at the end of the voluntary spring workouts. Some players went bowling or had lunch together, while many of the defensive players went to play paintball.

"I didn't know paintball was that dangerous," linebacker Marcus Washington said. "I hope it wasn't friendly fire."




In an extremely curious move (or at least curious timing), the LA Dodgers fire Hall of Famer Eddie Murray as hitting coach after team gets 31 hits and scores 18 runs in a three game series while sweeping the NL East-leading NY Mets